The Storm After - "Winds of Change" Texas Family Saga Series

A historical fiction tale of four strangers who come together in the aftermath of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900—the deadliest hurricane in US history. More than 6,000 people died that fateful day and the island was left a sea of brokenness. As the four diverse strangers cling to each other amidst the devastation in an attempt to survive, they change each other in ways they never would have imagined. It's more than a story about a tragic storm, it's about human spirit triumphing over unimaginable adversity.


             - "One of the more interesting historical fiction works lately, Ms. Popp's tale is definitely worth the read!" - InD'Tale Magazine

             - "I felt like I was reading something new and fresh versus a subject that has already been done a million times before." – Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Book Awards

             - "The author created a strong cast of characters, each of them well-drawn, and with their own quirks and flaws as well as strongly redeeming characteristics." – TOP 1000 REVIEWER  VINE VOICE


Lucky's Way - "Winds of Change" Texas Family Saga Series

The year is 1918. The Great War rages overseas and the Spanish Flu pandemic claims victims worldwide. On the U.S. home front, the Women’s Rights Movement has transformed into a conflict all its own. Yet for battle-weary Lieutenant Lucky McLaren, time seems to stand still when destiny introduces him to an Italian beauty named Antonia Trillery, a suffragette running from a fear of love and a crime she didn’t commit. Is their love enough to save them both as they fight to make their two very different worlds become one? Filled with history and passion, Lucky’s Way is a stirring testament to the power of belief and self-discovery—to hopes lost and found again.

Endorsed by The United States World War One Centennial Commission.

             - "Lucky is a gallant and dashing young hero, charming his way into the reader's heart. Antonia is captivating but secretive, while her story is full of mystery and anguish that just gets better and better as the book goes on." - InD'Tale Magazine

             - "The historical references transported you back in time, although you don't have to be a history buff to enjoy the story." – Shirley P./Amazon Reviewer

             - "One of the measures of a good series is when you can start in the middle and still enjoy the story. LUCKY'S WAY clearly passes this test, with simple, likable characters and a plot that is easy to follow" – Lewis S./Amazon Reviewer

Up Near Dallas - "Winds of Change" Texas Family Saga Series

The year is 1934. Economic turbulence rocks the country. And record drought dries up crops, along with the spirits of every farmer south of the Mason-Dixon. Yet for sixteen-year-old Mick McLaren, life is good as he takes to the open road to chase his dream of being a musician. Riding boxcars, hitchhiking, walking and driving his way across Depression Era Texas, he finds not only himself, but the love of a girl from Dallas named Margaret. Along the way, they befriend Cowboy Larson, a Delta Blues guitarist. Together the three teens, from three very different worlds, come of age as their life-changing journey carries them through killer dust storms, extreme poverty, and the unprecedented gangster activity of the Dirty Thirties.

             - "Each chapter of this book is told from a different character's voice. I felt like this really helped engage me as a reader because it allowed me to look into their thoughts, dreams and actions which added layers of complexity to the story." – StoreyBook Reviews

             - "I really hate to give away too much about this book, but everything in it just works for me. I love the idea of a kid who has everything and is willing to throw it all away to follow his dreams. And while the Great Depression is hardly an idyllic backdrop for self discovery and reinvention, it's nice that the rich kid sees what it's like to live on the other side of the tracks and helps others less fortunate when he can." – Missus Gonzo Blog/Book Review

             - "Speaking of those fascinating characters...author Gina Hooten Popp knows how to write 'em...The story is carried primarily by dialogue, which comes across naturally, like I'd expect to hear people of that time speak. Popp's descriptions are richly painted, so that readers feel the magnitude of a dust storm or the tranquility of an evening in the Texas countryside." – Hall Ways Blog/Book Review

             - "The pace is quick, and all the characters are amazing. I especially love the grittiness and sheer determination of Nana Michele. The dust storm scene with Lucy the cow is both harrowing and funny at the same time." – Reading by Moonlight Blog/Book Review



Tomorrow Comes At Midnight

Set in 1979, this Texas tale begins when destiny intervenes in the lives of two young lovers, sending them in directions they hadn’t planned. In short, it’s the story of Jayden and Lula. Together they discover the meaning of love and loss, while they work toward their shared goal of not being ordinary.

             -  “An author breaks all the rules for a fantastic read!” - Yomisssami

             - “With rich and complex characters and a beautifully woven plot it's a must read for those that like an unusual contemporary-romance that's filled with tragedy and loss but ends in triumph.” - Wendy

             - “. . . a good story to read about a young man's quest for happiness, and finding his way in the world.” – Tina

             - “This book is mainly about two people who have a hard time making the right choices in life. Interesting and true to life." – M.H. 


Chico Boy: A Novel

Life isn’t easy when you have as many obstacles to overcome as fourteen-year-old Chico Boy has in his life. For starters, his Dad left over a year ago and he’s fallen behind in school. And even though his mother works hard at her waitressing job, she’s barely able to cover the family’s expenses. Things like new underwear and tennis shoes fall far down on the list of essentials when compared to gas, food and rent. And now to top it all off, he and his best friend Talula think they’ve witnessed a possible murder. But take heart, not all is bad for Chico Boy. He has a great group of friends and an indomitable spirit that keeps him bouncing high on the pogo stick of life.

New Apple Annual Book Awards - Medalist Winner  

             - “Overall, the mystery comes across as secondary to the interpersonal tensions and emotions that Popp explores. Even secondary characters gain dimension through the novels quiet but immediate dialogue, but the story's strength lies in the tender and tentative romance that develops between Chico Boy and Talula."  – Publishers Weekly

             - “A shooting, two kidnappings and a mystery that is solved in a clear, logical way makes for a compelling story that will appeal both to boys and girls." – 2017 IndieReader Discovery Awards

             - "CHICO BOY is a captivating read, particularly for YA readers looking for an adventure story from a not-so-distant past." – IndieReader Review/Anita Lock