Tomorrow Comes At Midnight

Set in 1979, this Texas tale begins when destiny intervenes in the lives of two young lovers, sending them in directions they hadn’t planned. In short, it’s the story of Jayden and Lula. Together they discover the meaning of love and loss, while they work toward their shared goal of not being ordinary.

             -  “An author breaks all the rules for a fantastic read!” - Yomisssami

             - “With rich and complex characters and a beautifully woven plot it's a must read for those that like an unusual contemporary-romance that's filled with tragedy and loss but ends in triumph.” - Wendy

             - “. . . a good story to read about a young man's quest for happiness, and finding his way in the world.” – Tina

             - “This book is mainly about two people who have a hard time making the right choices in life. Interesting and true to life." – M.H.